The beginning…

Amsterdam life , Art School and the effervescence of the city were the start of my career in visual arts. The noisy squares and crowded streets gave me inspiration and were my base. I recently left the city, but took them with me to Laren – my birthplace and home.

How I work

My studio in Laren is like a laboratory, a place where I work daily and full of energy. I experiment with all kinds of materials and mix acrylic paint with my energy and inspiration. I give burgundy dinner scene a modern, fresh feel, where humor should never be far away.

Commissioned work

I translate the images that pop into my head to the linen canvas. I paint on intuition. That is my strength and is characteristic of my work. When requested to do a commissioned work I combine the needs of the client with my own verve and inspiration.

Art Wall

The art on the wall should fit like a glove. I give advice on color and interior and explore all possible ways so that the art work comes into its own. It’s art when you can feel it. My paintings can always be temporarily exhibited at home to see if it fits the need and desire  I sell my work through several galleries, but also directly .

Painting with Schwung

My passion for painting I like to share with others. During my weekly workshop “Painting with Schwung” I work with students to inspire them into creating new work and improve there skills and technique. All levels are welcome!